Serving a Scully app


After building, see the output and test how it runs as a statically generated webpage.

To see the pre-rendered site, open the /dist/static folder where you can find one index.html for every route in your app. Hence, if the application has 1000 routes, there should be 1000 index.html files in the dist/static folder.

These index.html files are jamstack-packed with HTML and CSS. This means that Scully built successfully, and that your site is now pre-rendered.

Scully provides a server, so that you can test out your jamstack site after the Scully build. To launch Scully's test server, run the following command:

npx scully serve

This command actually launches 2 (two) servers. The first one is hosting the results of ng build, and the second server hosts the results of the Scully build. This allows you to test both versions of your built app. Very cool!