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wicked fast.

Scully is the best static site generator for Angular projects looking to embrace the JAMStack.

ng add @scullyio/init


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The First in Angular Jamstack

Scully takes Angular projects and turns them into wicked fast Jamstack projects. Your Angular project has never been this fast.

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Faster Than Fast

No matter how fast or slow your Angular app is,adding Scully to your stack will create immediate and dramatic speed improvements in your website.

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Best of Both Worlds

Pre-render your entire app to the most base form of HTML & CSS while still having a full powered SPA written in Angular.

Deliver insanely fast apps to your users

Scully allows your app to appear instantly to your users on any device by shipping pre-rendered HTML & CSS files instead of the large files required to download your entire Angular app


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Easy step by step guides to help get you started.

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Easy step by step to create your own blog in less than 5 minutes.