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Scully makes building, testing and deploying Jamstack apps extremely simple.

ng add @scullyio/init
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Jamstack Toolchain

Scully's CLI is powerful enough to make JAMstack possible for all Angular and Angular-hybrid projects. Everything needed to build, test, and deploy is included out of the box.

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Runtime Tooling

Scully gives developers the necessary tools to JAMstackify any Angular project, including fine-grained control where needed.

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Plugin System

Extend and adapt Scully to any need with its powerful plugin ecosystem. Choose from built-in plugins, community plugins, or make you own custom plugin and unleash the full power of Scully.

Nothing will make your Angular project as fast as using Scully and embracing Jamstack.

- Aaron Frost

Scully Core Team Member

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Easy step-by-step guides to help you get started.

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Create a blog

Create your own static Angular blog in 5 minutes.