Minimal setup required

You need an existing or new Angular application that has the router installed.

Minimal versions needed.

  • For Angular versions 9, 10, and, 11, use Scully V1.1.1 (this version will only receive security updates)
  • for Angular V12 and above use Scully from V2.0.0 on.
  • Node.js: 14 or higher.

IMPORTANT: Scully uses Chromium. Therefore, your Operating System, as well as its administrator rights must allow its installation and execution.

Add Router Modules

Your Angular project needs at least one route set up.

IMPORTANT: Scully depends on the app's router module in order to generate the website's pages

When your app doesn't include the router you can add it with the following command:

ng generate module app-routing --flat --module=app

When you want to add a lazy loaded route, you can use the following command:

ng generate module home --route home --module app

When your app meets the requirements, you can then install scully in the next step.