Building a Scully app

Running Scully for the first time is exciting. Congrats on making it here!

Before Scully can run you need to build your Angular project. Most projects's built is:

ng build

Now that the Angular project is built, Scully can do its work. Run Scully with the following command:

npx scully

You did it! You have turned your Angular app into a wicked fast pre-rendered static site thanks to Scully.

The Scully-built version of the project is located in the ./dist/static folder. It contains all the static pages in the project.


NOTE: In case of any errors or warnings during the build process, please follow the instructions in the errors/warnings section or submit an issue.

NOTE: The following is a common error when building with Scully for the first time:

No configuration for route `/user/:userId` found. Skipping

This message indicates that Scully has skipped any unconfigured routes. Read more about Route Parameters & Scully.