Create blog config

Scully provides schematics for creating your own blog in one command:

ng g @scullyio/init:blog

This will create all the files and change what you need to have your own blog running in your Angular application with Scully's config.

ng g @scullyio/init:blog
    ✅️ Update scully.t1.config.ts
UPDATE scully.t1.config.ts (511 bytes)
UPDATE src/app/app-routing.module.ts (524 bytes)
CREATE src/app/blog/blog-routing.module.ts (406 bytes)
CREATE src/app/blog/blog.component.html (153 bytes)
CREATE src/app/blog/blog.component.spec.ts (614 bytes)
CREATE src/app/blog/blog.component.ts (489 bytes)
CREATE src/app/blog/blog.component.css (131 bytes)
CREATE src/app/blog/blog.module.ts (380 bytes)
    ✅️ Blog ./blog/ file created
CREATE blog/ (97 bytes)

Scully will add support for Markdown files and update your config file to the following:

  routes: {
    '/blog/:slug': {
      type: 'contentFolder',
      slug: {
        folder: "./blog"

Where the type contentFolder is the plugin for support read the MD files. And the config for slug is the folder where you will create the files for each route and blog you will have. If you need to change the folder, just modify the "./blog" value, remember Scully will read this route from your application's root.