sitemap Plugin


This routeDiscoveryDone plugin for Scully that will generate one or more sitemaps for your generated routes.

Version 1.0.0 introduces breaking changes as the plugin has been rewritten to take advantage of the new routeDiscoveryDone plugin type rather the old way of using a render plugin. This has the major benefit of only generating the sitemaps once per run – instead of after each page render.


To install this library with npm run:

$ npm install @gammastream/scully-plugin-sitemap --save-dev


Within your Scully config (typescript), get and configure the plugin like so:

import { ScullyConfig, setPluginConfig } from '@scullyio/scully';
import { getSitemapPlugin } from '@gammastream/scully-plugin-sitemap';

const SitemapPlugin = getSitemapPlugin();
setPluginConfig(SitemapPlugin, {
  urlPrefix: '',
  sitemapFilename: 'sitemap.xml',
  changeFreq: 'monthly',
  priority: [
  ignoredRoutes: ['/404'],
  routes: {
    '/products/:productId': {
      changeFreq: 'daily',
      priority: '0.9',
      sitemapFilename: 'sitemap-products.xml',

export const config: ScullyConfig = {
  projectRoot: './src',
  projectName: 'scully-plugins',
  outDir: './dist/static',
  routes: {
    '/products/:productId': {
      type: 'json',
      productId: {
        url: 'http://localhost:4200/assets/products.json',
        property: 'id',

Build app and run scully like normal.

npm run build
npx scully

Configuring Priority

The priority of a route can be configured by setting the priority level based on the number of segments in a given route.

  '1.0', // `/` - [ '' ] (1 segment)
  '0.9', // `/services` - [ '', 'services' ] (2 segments)
  '0.8', // `/services/hosting` - [ '', 'services', 'hosting' ]
  // etc...


  • Currently, the default priority (0.5) is assigned to all routes. Planned for a future update is the ability to assign a priority based on the number of segments in a route. (Completed in v0.0.4)
  • Sitemap is regenerated with every route. At some time in the future, we expect Scully to support a class of plugins that run after it is finished generating all the routes. (Completed in v1.0.0)

Questions or Issues

If you have any issues you can raise them here or contact me at: GammaStream