AMP CSS Plugin


The purpose of the Scully AMP CSS plugin is to take all style tags from rendered pages and combine them into a single style tag located in the head tag of a given page. This is a requirement for AMP pages given by Google. This talk here talks in some part about this requirement. Scully makes this relatively easy because after each page is rendered, a plugin can be run to do something to that page; in this case to combine all the styles into a single style tag.


  • ✅ Combines the contents of all style tags into a single style tag
  • ✅ Puts the combined styles into the document's head tag
  • ✅ Removes all the extra style tags



npm install scully-plugin-amp-css --save-dev


yarn add scully-plugin-amp-css --dev


To use this plugin, you need to just require the package inside the Scully config.ts for your project, i.e. scully.your-project-name.config.ts. After requiring the plugin, add it to the defaultPostRenderers array for the desired routes that the plugin should be run on. In most (if not all cases), this would be on all routes, but you need to add it to those routes for it to work.

// scully.your-project-name.config.ts

export const config: ScullyConfig = {
  projectRoot: './src',
  projectName: 'your-project-name',
  outDir: './dist/static',
  routes: {},
  defaultPostRenderers: ['combineStylesAmpPlugin'],

That's all it takes for the plugin to be included and run on the pages in your app.

Make sure to run include this plugin before other CSS plugins, like the critical CSS plugin.