postProcessByDom Plugin Type


A postProcessByDom plugin is used to transform the rendered HTML.
After the Angular application renders, the HTML content is passed to a postProcessByDom plugin where it can be further modified.

A postProcessByDom plugin could be used to transform a page containing markdown into a page that renders it.


A postProcessByDom plugin is a function that returns a Promise<JSDOM>. The string in the promise must be the transformed HTML. The interface looks like this:

function exampleContentPlugin(
  dom: JSDOM,
  route: HandledRoute
): Promise<string> {
  // Must return a promise

Difference with postProcessByHtml plugins

While having exactly the same function as the postProcessByHtml the postProcessByDom plugins get, and shoudl return a JSDOM object. Those will be run before the postProcessByHtml are executed.

Sample of postProcessByDom