Route Parameters & Scully

If you run Scully and the following warning is displayed, you need to teach Scully how to use the project's route parameters.

No configuration for route `/user/:userId` found. Skipping

The above error is given because Scully does not know all the possible values for :userId. Teach Scully how to get the list of :userIds from your app. Scully can turn /user/:userId into a list of meaningful pre-renderable routes like so:


Even small Angular projects have routes that contain route parameters. To stop Scully from skipping these routes, configure a route plugin. Route plugins teach Scully how to fetch data and merges it into routes using parameters.

The easiest way to understand route plugin is by understanding the jsonPlugin. It simply fetches data from any API that you specify, and it returns a list of properties that can be used to replace the route parameter. Checkout the jsonPlugin docs to see an example of how easy this configuration is.