Step for Releasing a v8.x.x library

  1. Checkout the angular-8 branch
  2. Remove version 9: rm -fr node_modules
  3. Install version 8: npm i
  4. Pull origin main branch: git pull origin main
  5. Fix any merge conflicts
  6. Make sure that package.json file has version 8
  7. Build the application: ng build @scullyio/ng-lib-v8
  8. Run tests
  9. Pay attention to package.json to make sure you keep the 8 version
  10. If all tests are ok, rebuild the library:
    • ng build @scullyio/ng-lib-v8
  11. Publish the application:
    • cd ./dist/scullyio/ng-lib-v8
    • npm publish --access=public
  12. Commit and push changes.